My approach to photography is actually quite simple.

I want to tell your story, from epic wedding celebrations to everyday adventures!

Meet Julie

One Wild Life Photography was born as a passion project—not just a passion for photography, but for connecting with people and embracing each day with purpose. Over the years it has evolved into a philosophy on how I live my life and how I approach photography. 

I strive to capture the fleeting moments where one is truly - authentically - in the moment.

Photographing real life is more than just snapping a picture.  Pictures document.  They preserve a thing, a time, a place for posterity.  Utilizing a documentary style approach to our shoot, I am able to create art that tells your story and allows you to be completely present in the moment. Every time you look back at your photographs, I want the images to not only transport you back to the moment but to how you felt.

You see, photographs are more than two-dimensional sheets of paper.  Through my lens, they evoke emotion through light and shadow.  They create movement by juxtaposing stillness amid chaos.  They conjure memories by capturing minute details often overlooked.  I am not simply taking beautiful photos, I am helping tell your story.

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Available for hire throughout the Carolinas and beyond! I love to travel and will gladly provide you a custom quote.

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